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My name is Molly Fitzpatrick, and I’ve spent my career working to build a more accessible, inclusive and representative democracy. Now, I’m running for Boulder County Clerk and Recorder because I believe this office plays a unique role in strengthening our community and improving the health of our democracy for each and every member of Boulder County.  It is this office that community members interact with more than almost any other branch of government, which affords the Clerk and Recorder an opportunity to build trust in our government and offer services that improve people’s lives. I have the commitment, experience and drive to make this office be all that it can be, which is why I am running to serve you.

Since 2009, I’ve worked with New Era Colorado to register tens of thousands of young people to vote in Colorado, helped voters navigate our elections process, and supported the policies and administrative reforms that have made our democracy more accessible. I’ve managed statewide teams of up to 50 individuals, and have overseen voter registration and education work in over a dozen counties. Along the way, I’ve worked with County Clerk offices across the state to improve voter access and voter education initiatives. At the Colorado state legislature, I helped to pass voter preregistration for 16- and 17-year-olds, bringing a proven civic engagement strategy into DMVs and classrooms across the state. And through our leadership development programs, I’ve trained hundreds of young people right here in Boulder County who are seeking opportunities in public service.

My approach to improving access and representation has been to zoom in on every element of a voter’s experience with our democracy to identify areas for growth—which is an approach I would bring to each of our Clerk’s divisions: recording, motor vehicles, and elections. That’s how I’ve come to work with County Clerks across the state on improvements large and small: maximizing voter service center and ballot dropbox placement, ensuring appropriate staffing levels to reduce wait times, simplifying and clarifying educational materials, and ensuring every individual who enters a Voter Service and Polling Center feels welcomed and affirmed. I’ve brought this expertise to our institutions of higher education and to national networks working to build a more representative democracy through institutional and administrative reform.

I have extensive experience in management and have managed both temporary and permanent staff in oftentimes high-stress and campaign-like environments. I have also received professional management trainings alongside my work, which has helped to prepare me in how to manage in an empowering way while also being inclusive across many lines of difference. Everyone wants to thrive in their work, and I see this position as supporting employees in this office to do just that. I firmly believe this starts by learning from your team and listening to their experience and ideas, and taking their feedback into account in a meaningful way. The Clerk’s office has a diversity of employees across the three divisions, all of whom deserve to feel respected, effective, valued, and that they have the opportunity to grow.

I’m a proud graduate of CU Boulder, where I had the privilege of training in the INVST Community Leadership Program at CU Boulder. This program and the community within it launched my life-long dedication to public and community service, and gave me an opportunity to work alongside many community organizations in Boulder. I have given back to CU and to INVST by serving as an INVST Fundraising and Advisory Board member, and supporting student programming in various capacities.  

This work is my calling, and I can’t wait to get started. I’m eager to spearhead increased community participation; we have so much wisdom in this community—passionate advocates, leaders in technology and public service, scholars of our democracy—and it’s critical that we engage as many community members as we can in the planning and decision making processes in order to build trust and ensure our services are relevant and responsive. Please visit my platform page to read more about how I’ll approach this work. In the meantime, I encourage you to get in touch with me with your questions and ideas—I’d love to hear from you!