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*Elected officials and former elected officials are listed first, followed by support in the order it was received.

Dickey Lee Hullinghorst, former Speaker of the House

Bob Hullinghorst, former Boulder County Treasurer 

Hon. Dorothy Rupert 

State Senator Steve Fenberg

State Representative Edie Hooton

Christine Berg, Mayor of Lafayette

Suzanne Jones, Mayor of Boulder 

Mary Young, Boulder Councilperson

Sam Weaver, Boulder Councilperson

Jamie Harkins, Lafayette Councilperson

Jill Grano, Boulder Councilperson

Lisa Morzel, Boulder Councilperson

Cindy Carlisle, Boulder Councilperson

Susan Osborne, former Mayor of Boulder

Shaun McGrath, former Mayor of Boulder 

Crystal Gray, former Boulder Councilperson

Macon Cowles, former Boulder Councilperson

Tim Plass, former Boulder Councilperson

Steve Pomerance, former Boulder Councilperson

Erika Blum

Nikhil Mankekar, Deputy Chair - City of Boulder Human Relations Commission 

Regina Cowles

Bob Morehouse

Patty Malesh

Laura Sparks

Waylon Lewis

Julie Zahniser

Micah Parkin

Dennis Arfmann

Sabrina Sideris

Dick Harris

Nancy Kornblum

Paul Harstad

Chris Hoffman

Tom Asprey

Leonard May

Alison Burchel

Leslie Glustrom

Lisa Smith

William Truesdell

Emma Marion

Shannon McCoy

Lili Francklyn

Nick Passanante

Pat Shanks 

Suzanne De Lucia

Joyce and Bob Fischer

Shirly White

Raffi Mercuri

"When I was working to modernize our election system with same-day voter registration and mail-in ballots, Molly was working with our community to advocate for those changes. She has proven her determinatino to improving our election system and our community, and we'd be lucky to have her as our County Clerk."

-Dickey Lee Hullinghorst,
Former Speaker of the House


"I brought Molly into my CU classes for years to help students–many voting for the first time–learn about their rights and the laws that govern voting in Boulder and Colorado. She is a practical expert in election law who has always shown herself to be consistent and committed to non-partisanship as a steward of those laws. As a precinct captain for the Boulder County Democratic party, I have often relied on her expertise as a private citizen as well. She understands the importance of providing voters with accurate information about caucusing, primaries, and general elections and I trust her to put her powerful work ethic and her commitment to pristine election practice to work as County Clerk. "

–Patty Malesh, PhD
Former Assistant Professor of Communication and Associate Director of the Program for Writing and Rhetoric at CU-Boulder and small downtown business owner. 


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