Our County Clerk's office should engage in bold leadership to protect and affirm every citizen's right to vote.  

Our county has a role to play in restoring trust in our elections, and must continue leading in adopting the advanced security technologies and innovations that will protect the sanctity of our votes, while also communicating about this work to community members.  As the pillar of our democratic institutions, elections provide citizens with the power to influence our community’s future, and any attack on our election system compromises the integrity of our democracy’s foundation.

From Trump’s disbanded elections integrity commission, to partisan gerrymandering fights across the country, to attempts to hack and influence our elections—it’s clear that protecting the integrity and security of our elections is more important than ever.

The services that our County Clerk offices provide must be responsive and adaptive to, and inclusive of, all of the communities in our county–especially those who are historically underrepresented in our government and our elections.

I’m committed to promoting diversity within and through our office, practicing inclusion in our outreach, administrations, and communications, and proactively advancing equity through our work across our departments. Our office should be a model for inclusive and equitable services and election administration, with ongoing, transparent community feedback loops. I will work to establish and build upon community and stakeholder working groups that represent the diversity of the county to ensure that they have an influential voice in the process.

We should leverage the everyday interactions that community members have with this office to continue building trust between our government and our community members.

Community members interact with the services this office provides more than almost any other government function, which gives our County Clerk’s office an opportunity to strengthen their relationship to and understanding of our government. By putting the “customer” first, embracing technology, and adopting innovations from our neighboring counties, we can improve the experience that Boulder County community members have in our office. Along the way, we can provide ample opportunities for community input and community-driven ideas that will improve our services and responsiveness to those we serve.